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Default Consumer Reports Choices

Every year or so Consumer Reports rates wines that are not high priced. I
bought two of their suggestions in the past, and did not like them.

I don't put too much stock in Consumer Reports for rating wines. They seem to
pick the fruity obvious wines. The tasters do not have experienced palates, so
they seem to like wines a beginner would like.

I think you would be better to look at any edition of the Wine Spectator or
similar publications (even though I often disagree with them). They taste wines
all the time.
There is also the Wine Enthusiast and several other publications whose names
escape me. They do rate inexpensive (under $10) wines, some of them highly.

You might try Vitiano by Falesco. Consumer Reports does not rate this, but the
wine writers seem to like it. It's in a fruit forward with toasty oak style,
which not everyone likes. But I bet it's more interesting than Consumer Reports
wines. And it costs $10 (approx).

Tom Schellberg