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Ed Rasimus
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On 22 Nov 2003 05:07:05 GMT, (Sara) wrote:


I'm from the anxiety-panic newsgroup, and I know nothing about wine, other than
it is customary to bring a bottle with you when you are invited to someone's
house to dinner.

A nice custom that should be encouraged!

My older son is about to be married, and there is a dinner tommorrow evening
(Sunday). I will be meeting my son's future MIL. I would like to bring some
wine to the dinner, a nice, medium (well, no more than $40) priced wine. I am
sorry, I do not know what the menu is, which is kind of awkward. Is there
still a rule about red wine going with beef and white with fish and chicken or
is that passe now? At any rate, I would welcome any and all suggestions as to
what might make a good impression on this future MIL. I have heard she's a bit
"difficult" (wish me luck!!!!!!). Also, I would be getting this wine at
Kroger. They have a large selection, but I'm sure they don't have very obscure

The red with red meat and white with fish is still a good basic, but
there are no hard and fast rules. More important is the fact that you
should not expect the wine to be served. If your host (future MIL or
anyone), is wine savvy, they probably already have an appropriate wine
chosen for their meal. You can expect them to thank you and put the
bottle aside. That is not an insult, an affront, or a statement that
they think your gift isn't good enough. If they do choose to serve
your wine, that's fine as well.

Might I suggest, that if you have a Kroger, you also probably have a
wine/liquor store available that will have a broader selection and
better quality of wine. If you are willing to go as high as $40, don't
spend it at a grocery store. Go a place that sells more than jug wines
and ask the clerk for a recommendation.

At $20-40 you can get a nice Pinot Noir, a beautiful Zinfandel (not
"white zin"), a quality bottle of Australian Shiraz, a wonderful
California Chardonnay, etc. etc. Talk to the clerk about what you like
or what you think your host would like. Follow the guide and stay
within your price range. Don't get talked up and don't be swayed by a
pretty lable.

Report back on what the outcome was.