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Ken Blake
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Sara typed:

I'm from the anxiety-panic newsgroup, and I know nothing about

other than it is customary to bring a bottle with you when you

invited to someone's house to dinner.

A bottle of wine is an appropriate gift, but I wouldn't go far as
to say it's customary. There are other appropriate gifts you
might bring.

My older son is about to be married, and there is a dinner

evening (Sunday). I will be meeting my son's future MIL. I

like to bring some wine to the dinner, a nice, medium (well, no

than $40) priced wine. I am sorry, I do not know what the menu

which is kind of awkward.

That certainly makes it harder, *if* you expect the wine you
bring to be served. But at many dinners, the wines have already
been selected, and the wine you bring won't be served (see the
other thread here "Etiquette for host receiving wine".

Is there still a rule about red wine going
with beef and white with fish and chicken or is that passe now?

It's not a matter if it being passe. Although it works in many
cases, it was never a very accurate rule. It greatly depends, for
example, on *what* fish it is, how it is prepared, how it is
sauced, etc. For example, I'm very fond of grilled tuna, which I
greatly prefer with red rather than white.

any rate, I would welcome any and all suggestions as to what

make a good impression on this future MIL. I have heard she's

a bit
"difficult" (wish me luck!!!!!!). Also, I would be getting

this wine
at Kroger. They have a large selection, but I'm sure they

don't have
very obscure brands.

PS, I personally like Rosemont Shiraz, but I don't know if it's
appropriate, or if a white wine is more popular. I KNOW

ABOUT WINE!! I would GREATLY appreciate anyone's suggestions

advice. I need to know at least by 4pm Saturday EST)

I don't anything about Kroger, but my recommendation would be to
go to a good wine store in your town, tell the owner or clerk
what your budget is, and ask for a recommendation for a decent
bottle of red wine. Whatever you bring, it may not be served, and
if a white is more appropriate for what the food is, the hosts
will almost certainly serve a white and save your wine for
another time.

Or bring flowers instead.

Ken Blake
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