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Default * *SOS I need wine advice**

'm from the anxiety-panic newsgroup, and I know nothing about wine, other
it is customary to bring a bottle with you when you are invited to someone's
house to dinner.

etc.(rest of message snipped)


Your big problem is not knowing the menu. It's still a good rule to serve red
wine with red meat, and white wine with fish and chicken, although there are
exceptions. Generally, heavier meats with darker sauces take reds, and lighter
sauced white meats take white wines. That suggests that a rich gravy or sauce
may suggest a lighter red for chicken.

If you do not know the menu, I would suggest a good CA or OR Pinot Noir ($20 to
$30). This will work with a lot of meals, including salmon, lamb, and turkey,
and will be passable with beef tenderloin.

If the wine really turns out to be a bad match (eg if she serves shellfish or
spicy chili), your MIL can always hold it, and serve it at another occasion.
She should store it in a cool (70 deg or less), dark environment on its side.

Tom Schellberg