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Default * *SOS I need wine advice**


I'm from the anxiety-panic newsgroup, and I know nothing about wine, other than
it is customary to bring a bottle with you when you are invited to someone's
house to dinner.

My older son is about to be married, and there is a dinner tommorrow evening
(Sunday). I will be meeting my son's future MIL. I would like to bring some
wine to the dinner, a nice, medium (well, no more than $40) priced wine. I am
sorry, I do not know what the menu is, which is kind of awkward. Is there
still a rule about red wine going with beef and white with fish and chicken or
is that passe now? At any rate, I would welcome any and all suggestions as to
what might make a good impression on this future MIL. I have heard she's a bit
"difficult" (wish me luck!!!!!!). Also, I would be getting this wine at
Kroger. They have a large selection, but I'm sure they don't have very obscure

PS, I personally like Rosemont Shiraz, but I don't know if it's appropriate, or
if a white wine is more popular. I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT WINE!! I would GREATLY
appreciate anyone's suggestions and/or advice. I need to know at least by 4pm
Saturday EST)

Thank you,