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Dave S
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Default TN claret SFWS Nov tasting

Dale Williams wrote:
In article , "John Taverner"

Question for you experts. I believe that old claret was made for a long
life, stalks and all. Modern claret, as above, made for youthful consumption
and then dies.
Do you agree??

Well, I agree partially with you (and Bill).I have trouble envisioning a lot of
modern Bordeaux, especially the "Parkerized" very-low-acid types, going the
long haul.
That being said, all of this is vintage-dependent. The wines you cite, a '59 &
a '61, are from legendary vintages. Try to find a '60 Bordeaux that's even

I did have a '60 Pichon from the cellar directly ('60 is the wife's
birthday) and it was quite good considering the year