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Nils Gustaf Lindgren
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Default On cheese and wine

Self and Xina went to Copenhagen and had lunch at Amalie, our favorite -
very special kind of resto, or, very typical for Copenhagen -
frokostrestaurant, which means lunch restaurant, and should be half a
staircase down and at least a 100 years old, with gigantic open sandwiches
(of the kind where you might find a piece of bread buried deep deep down
under the liver pte, ribs, frieds plaice, or a gadzillion varieties of
herring). Amalie is good. Anyway. It is not strictly a wine palce (not even
the ones called Hviidīs Vinstue or Husmannīs Vinstue have very much relation
to wines), but I ordered a glass of the house red with my emmenthaler. The
cheese makes the wine sing, they say. The hosue red proved to be a very
worthy Cabrnet Franc from Bourgeuil (sp?), very strict and dry, grass and
green peppery as they come. Did the cheese make it sing? Well, not exactly.
One reason was that the cheese was (and this is the rule in Denmark, as well
as the earlier parts of Sweden) accompanied by sweet grapes, raw sweet
pepper. and radishes. Another is that, perhaps, a very dry red is not the
best thing to drown a piece of cheese in.
Last week-end, the worty cvouple celebrated their 22nd anniversary with,
amongst other good things, three pieces of cheese watered by a Gewurz VT.
The cheeses were a mature chevre, Puligny St Pierre, a medium ripe Epoisse,
and a Rouquefort. The Gwz went spendidly with the EPoisse, was a good runner
up to the chevre, and was, ultimately, killed stone dead by the Roquefort,
it being very salty. As far as I know, the best with the latter would be a
Port, while the classic with the chevre should be a ... Sancerre? We
discussed it with the wine waiter who readily admitted that, really, each
piece of cheese might be served with its own individual wine.
Some accompaniments are apparently classic - Reggiano Parmigiano and
Amarone, for isntance.
I would like to hear about your favorites. What do you drink with a
manchego? An emmenthaler? One of those weird goatīs cheeses from Provence
packed in chest nut leaves? Etc.


Nils Gustaf

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