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Dale Williams
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Default Wine pairing w/ chicken liver paté?

Hmm, I'm a big chicken liver fan, but Betsy isn't, so I only have when soloing.
Last time I made a pasta with chicken liver sauce I drank Dolcetto (went well),
and I've had ok (but just ok) results with chicken liver pate in restaurants
with entry level Burgundy. The best combo I've had involving chicken livers
were livers braised with onions in sherry, paired wonderfully with a 1997
Jean-Paul Droin Chablis GC €śVaudesir". I'd have never guessed.

I do know that on a couple of occasions, I've had dishes with chicken livers
that made various wines (both red and white) taste metallic. I have no idea
what causes that.

The green peppercorns made this even more challenging. I think I'd go with a
crisper dry white, nothing too expensive. Agree with Ian that flowery isn't the
thing, so maybe a Quincy, Sancerre, or even a Macon. Maybe a lower-level Gruner

As to the German Riesling with the pate, thanks Ian for the warning. I think if
I was going to try the match (and I might, unlike you I find off-dry Riesling
very versatile) I'd not go for the something with the slate-y strength of a
Bernkasteler Doktor, going more for a Pfalz kabinett, or if I went Mosel maybe
an Urziger Wurzgarten, with it's red fruit profile rather than an apple/floral


Dale Williams
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