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Default Costco membership

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" wrote:

Look at

I'll check it out.

Most tradekey dealers are chinese tho' so while it'll be the lowest
prices, minimum orders can be a problem. If you want to branch out just
for fun, Budk and Sikiyou are two reliable US wholesalers. So is

I try to choose things that I don't already see at
the cat shows, especially since my best friend/mentor sells a variety
of supplies and toys at her booth. She is actually doing the cat tents
with me, but limits her sales to the shows I do not attend since I
discovered them. But we buy them together to make the minimum orders.

I guess I could always try manufacturing the emu feather cat toys again.
g I still have an outstanding order from a Bengal breeder as I've
quit handcrafting. Her cats loved the things as I did not wash the
feathers so they still smelled like "bird"!

You can easily handcraft cat toys. :-) *Bird toys too. *Have you looked
at bird shows? *Bird owners often have more money to spend.

I'm looking at some ideas for toys. I already buy some fur toys from a
vendor in South Carolina. I have no competition for that here.

Easiest is what I used to make. I used two long bead caps, velvet ribbon
(did not snag claws), a piece of dowel and a puff of emu feathers. I'd
sometimes add a peacock feather to make them prettier. The final effect
kinda looks like a feather whip. Never met a cat that did not love the
darned things! Including my own.

Since I did not wash the feathers, I've had younger cats growl over
them. g

I have no clue about bird shows. I know nothing about birds. I've done
a couple dog agility shows, but the confirmation shows are way too
expensive $400 vendor fee for the weekend. Yikes.

Oy. So long as you made back the table fee!
Don't know what bird shows run but parrots constantly need a supply of
toys as they destroy them rapidly. I know. I have a cockatoo. It's
been cheaper for me to make toys for her (or use infant/toddler toys)
than purchase bird toys!

Why can't you sleep in the Van?
I had a tent behind my booth.

Not practical. It is a minivan, and it would be 2 people and a cat. I
actually have to remove the bench seat just to fit everything in, and
even with the setup done, there is enough hotel stuff that I would not
have room for us to lay down. I also have to work on the computer
doing proofs overnight for the customers. So, it really helps to have
a room to work in. I bring food from home too and heat it in the
microwave, or if the room doesn't have one, I bring a skillet or small

I see. At least you are smart enough to save money on not eating out. g
I used to see a lot of that with other vendors! We used our Coleman
stove but the event I was vending at was outdoors. Hence the tent.

I have good health insurance as I get it through my grocery job. I'll
look into ART. I'm hesitant to go to the doctor about the shoulder
since she will just tell me to stop using it.

An ART doctor won't do that. I promise. ;-)
The only issue you may run in to is does your health coverage cover
Chiropractic care? Even tho' it's soft tissue therapy, it is generally
billed under that. If you were to try a trained massage therapist for
myofascial release, it might not be covered at all but they are
generally pretty affordable.

Neither one will charge what an MD charges tho' so you need to decide if
it's worth an out of pocket cost. The nice thing is that the therapy
works pretty fast. My problem is that I need surgery so I need ongoing
help to stave it off. sigh

You can teach your S/O to do kinesiotaping if you get a manual. The best
one runs around $30.00. That stuff has really given me significant pain

I confess I have a
waterbed (I love it), and I have to push off with that arm to get up.
So, there is no way to completely rest that shoulder without giving up
my bed (or tucking in my shirt). And it will waste a copay. Not sure
how it works now as I thought it was still $20 a visit, but the last
one when I had the flu, cost me $86. It comes out of a health savings
account until it is empty. I used it all up a couple years ago and got
stuck with $300 of leftover bills from one visit to a cardiologist.
So, I'm trying to keep from using it until I have to go back to the
cardiologist. It rolls over from year to year, so I have all of the
2010 allotment and most of 2009.

I totally understand. My insurance did not pay as much as I thought it
would to see a pain specialist (for my neck issues) and physical
therapy. I'm now unemployed with NO health insurance and still have
$1,500 worth of leftover medical bills. I've called them and told them
the situating and am sending them $10.00 per month. They are ok with
that as long as I am consistent.
Peace! Om

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