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Default Ontario Wines

I emailed Chuck privately thinking he was the only member of the ng
from Ontario and asked him if he knew of any Ontario reds that might
have the "big" flavour some fo the Aussie and California Cabs and
Shirazes have. Living here, I thought I should give at least a few a

I took his advice in the last part of his post.

Any others for my to check out list?
PS And yes Chuck I'd like to see your " to taste" list that you


You flatter me outrageously by naming me a connoisseur..... As it
I'm not a BIG fan of big reds but I certainly will drink them if
just the teeniest bit. I personally prefer PN or Gamay but, that
being said
I do have a few places I think you might find interesting.

1. Peninsula Ridge winery; I'll drink most anything they make and
often bought case lots of their Cabernet/Merlot blends

2. Lailey vineyards and winery; They make unfiltered Cabs and
Merlots and
their blends to blow your mind..... very highly recommended.

3. Malivoire winery; I usually don't like hybrid wines, but they have
Marechal Foch from a 40 year old vineyard that is to die for..... If
like GV wines they usually make very creditable ones...

4. 13th Street winery; They usually have some very drinkable reds
and are
worth a try anytime.

5. Lenko Estates; Danny makes some very, very good reds and is always
a try. With any luck Helen (his mother) will be baking apple pies and
you'll be favoured with a large sample. Failing that, her cookies are
always available.... after you've tasted the wines of course. Hey, if
kitchen table is good enough for John Ralston Saul and various
ambassadors......... They are closed till February cause they're sold

6. Hillebrand Estates; Their Trius reds (and whites for that matter)
always worth a try. Go to the upstairs tasting bar for the good

I'll be compiling my "To Taste" list preparatory to buying this years
offerings in November and will be glad to send you a copy if you're
interested. My parameters are Niagara wines that I want/need to stock
up on
not to exceed $35/bottle. Tasting excursions by Marg (SWMBO) and I
will go
on throughout the winter...... So much wine.......:))

P.S. There are more than a few Ontario lurkers on the NG and they
appreciate if this was posted. Up to you.
So much wine; So little time!

Larry Stumpf,
S. Ontario,