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Default OT--Landlord woes continue

I'm an ex-paramilitary special ops nurse and rent a flat with one
adult Poodle and my life partner. I needed a part-time job for some
extra money, am an animal lover & want to work with dogs in the
future.I replied to an advert about being a pet carer and they said I
got the job. This involves dog walking, and often looking after one or
two small dogs/puppies for a few hours during the day (when owners are
at work etc).So I arrive at my new job only to find that I had no
job............ the secretary said I falsely claimed to have a
suitable dwelling and that they also checked with my landlord who
outright refused to permit me to keep any more dogs at home even if
only temporarirly!

Had a look at our lease contract and we're not allowed to own dogs/
cats/other domestic pets (poodle excepted for being an "emotional
support animal") but I'm not sure what the guidelines are for looking
after other peoples. I work three days a week out of sevenJust don't
want to jeopardise things for us in the flat, and also don't want to
have to stop working as I love it.Any advice welcome.

Peter Lucas

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