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Mark Lipton
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Default TN: value in a Viognier

Dale Williams wrote:

In article , Mark Lipton

imported to the US by Robert Kacher)

Overall, clear varietal

Not neccesarily phrases one always sees together.

Actually, that's not fair. Kacher's wines are I guess usually true to grape,
though it can be hard to determine area.

Well, to be fair to him, most of his portfolio that I've tried has been from
the Rhone Valley. His selections there I find to be very high quality with
good "typicity." YMMV, though.

Thanks for the notes, one to look for. When I first discovered
Viognier/Condrieu, I drank quite a bit. Now it's something I look for maybe
once every 3 months. But it's nice to see a good one under $15!

Funny, isn't it? I began my "ABC" phase with Viognier, but then got
disaffected with it: too pricey and/or inconsistent. Now I drink far more SB
and Pinot Gris than Viognier.

Mark Lipton