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Default Pinot Nero 1982 in Magnum 1,5 L

ViLco ha scritto:
Lambert wrote:

It's bad enough to spam a newsgroup.
But it's insulting to spam with ridiculous offers. Is that really a
270 euro price tag on a bottle of Oltrepo Pavese brut? Magnum or no
magnum, that's ridiculous.

emh... i'm an informatic...i'm not an expert (but is the bottle of my
birth!! )
sorry, how much would cost a bottle like this?

When a wine is 28 years old it's conditions depend strongly on three
parameters: the year, the producer and the type of wine.
The year 1982 was a very good year, and this is a good start. The producer,
"Giorgi & Rossi", is almost impossible to find on internet, and I have never
heard of them: this is bad news. The type of wine, methode classique, allows
for interesting age, but the wines from oltrepo' pavese aren't usually long
That said, 15 euros is the maximum I'd fork out for that bottle.

Thank you, so much, Giorgi & Rossi haven't a website but they work since
a lot of time.
I think that change the price ^_^
from 270 -- 27 , i'm sure that someone calls me