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Default [TN] Gruet PN, '08 CdR

"Mark Lipton" wrote in message
On 2/24/10 1:17 PM, Zeppo wrote:

Hi Mark,
Is the 'slightly to Vicks cough drops' indicative of eucalyptus growing
in the vineyard? I've heard that leaves a distinct mark on the flavor of
the wine? Not sure if that grows in the NM high desert as much as
throughout California.

Hi, Jon!
No, not a eucalyptus smell (something that's quite familiar to me
after 20 years spent among them in the SF Bay Area), but rather the taste
of cherry coughdrops -- not something I seek out in wine, but neither do I
find it repellent. For a good whack o' eucalyptus, try any of the red
wines of Cline and/or Sean Thackery. Both of them have it in spades IMO.
Some people claim to get it also in Heitz Cabernets, but to me that's more
like mint, a related smell.

Ah. Wrong variety of cough drop. I'll look for the Cline or Thackery.