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Default AWS Tasting

"Mark Lipton" wrote in message
On 2/22/10 2:30 PM, Zeppo wrote:
Marci and I hosted this month's Tasting of the Philadelphia chapter of
American Wine Society in our home yesterday. The theme was 'wines of the
Finger Lakes'. A smaller than normal turnout either due to the fact we
held it on a different Sunday than our normal tastings (3rd instead of
4th) , People were home watching Ice Dancing or the members in general
didn't find the theme appealing. Hard to say. Those that did attend
seemed to love the wines presented.

We served 6 wines:
1. Dr. Konstantine Frank Dry Riesling (2007)
2. Dr. Frank Rkatsiteli (2007) [3]
3. Hermann J. Wiemer Semi Dry Riesling (2007) [1]
4. Red Newt Cellars Riesling (2008) [2]
5. Red Newt Red EFT (NV) (a red 'kitchen sink' blend) [2]
6. Lamoreaux Landing Cabernet Frank (2007) [1]

We decided to score the reds separately from the whites. I've indicated
the scoring in square brackets after the vintage.

I also served 4 Cheeses from the Finger lakes as well as grapes, grapes,
hummus, edamame dip and some quince paste.

Interesting tasting, Jon. I've had two of those wines, the Dr. Frank
Rkatsiteli and the Wiemer Semi Dry Riesling, and really liked them both.
Good lineup of Finger Lakes wines!

Thanks Mark,
It was definitely a positive experience. I'm thinking Carmenere for next