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Default Best bottled water?

On Feb 19, 1:27*pm, "PL1." wrote:
Wanting to add good, clean bottled distilled or spring water to my tap
water to reduce the horrible taste of chlorine and reduce the
antidepressant effects of the fluoride they put in our water here.
What brands of bottled water would you recommend (if any)? prefer to
buy in bulk size if possible. Appreciate any helpful responses!

Peter Lucas

Please do yourself a favor and get either a "brita" type pitcher of
faucet attachment or go whole hog and get
an undercounter filter with a little tap. (that's what I did) You
can get an under counter apparatus at any good
hardware store that has plumbing stuff. It's a one time expense and
then all you have to do is change the filter
once or twice a year depending on how much water you use for making
coffee or tea or cooking or drinking. I don't use the
filtered water for anything except what is going directly in the
mouth. Those filters last a long time.

Please don't buy bottled water. It's a huge waste of money and
resources and the plastic bottles just clog up
landfills forever.