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Default TN Vega Sicilia "Unico"1968

the wine isVega-Sicilia "Unico" 1968. I bought 2 bottles of it at
auction many years ago, and it has been properly stored. There were no
cork or other issues, and the fill was still in the neck. The very
long cork was clean at the top and well seated.

The wine still was intense in color with only a bit of age showing
around the rim. The overall impression is perfect balance of
everything and great complexity.The tannins are resolved and about as
dry as in a top Bordeaux. There is complex wood, perhaps cedar, with
traces of sandalwood. The fruit is a very complex mixture of dark and
red fruits. There are mixed spice notes. The finish is very long. This
was bottle 23175 out of 45300 bottles and 2000 magnums of the 1968.
Spanish wines do not get any better than Vega Sicilia, in my opinion.
I also would rank it with the better reds of France. This wine has
always been difficult to find and expensive and has become extremely
expensive in recent years. With such small production, it is a wonder
any is exported. The owners likely want their wine to be known around
the world.