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Default 1966 Leoville Lascases

On Jan 21, 11:33*pm, Ronin wrote:
A few days ago I had the subject wine. *Nothing special, but I had
inherited it, and I think it was kept in a closet since purchase. *The
note is particularly about the cork, the condition of which I have
never seen before. *When removed, it was entirely wet, but came out in
one piece. *The wine did not exibit any oxidation/off notes, but was
over the hill, if you please. *The wine was enjoyable, but certainly
not what I had hoped. *But the cork... It has now shrivelled to the
size of my little finger and is as hard as a rock. *I have never
encountered such in all my 50 years of enjoying wine.

* * * * Jim

Thanks for notes. I;ve seen this once or twice before , cleaning up
after a party and finding a cork that was shriveled.

I bought a bottle of 66 LLC for a friends's 40th a few years ago,
still trying to position myself to be there when it's opened, hope
it's better than yours. A critic I respect re older claret said he had
seen a lot of variation in the 66 LLC.