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Default Natural Vs Synthetic vitamins

In article ,
blake murphy wrote:

Andy wrote:

that synthetic vitamins are useless.

it seems to me that the FDA should have weighed in on this, but damned if i
can find it. (googling [natural vs synthetic vitamins] turns up mostly
arguments from parties with an obvious vested interest in saying synthetics
are the tool of the devil.) does anyone know?

Andy knows!

The fact that you couldn't find anything reputable tells me something.
When I see wild claims here on the internet, and look up the numerous
cites given, sometimes there is that pattern.

I looked at my HMO web site. They have a *lot* of information about
health there. I put in "coconut" and got six hits. The first was
coconut oil (bulk) as a medicine. There was no information. I'll bet I
could have gotten information, but I'm willing to bet a very small
amount of money that you apply it to your skin. Four hits were
"gastrointestinal complications", mostly cancer. Coconut oil was
mentioned as something to *avoid*, along with other high fat and high
fiber items. The last was:

"You use all of your senses in guided imagery. For example, if you want
a tropical setting, you can imagine the warm breeze on your skin, the
bright blue of the water, the sound of the surf, the sweet scent of
tropical flowers, and the taste of coconut so that you actually feel
like you are there. "

That was your humor for the day!

Dan Abel
Petaluma, California USA