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Here's to Making Great Tasting Coffee

Look around in superstores and coffee shops. Tell them your preference in flavor, and you stand a better chance of finding the right kind for you.

*Grind the proper amount. If the brewing process is quick, the grind should be fine; if the process takes more time, the grind should be more coarse. Only grind as much coffee as you will immediately use. .

*Brew it directly after you grind it. The flavors disappear quickly after the coffee has been grounded. You should brew it as soon as you can.

*Drink it directly after you brew it. Coffee tastes best when it is fresh. The longer it sits, the more bitter it gets. Reheating coffee is a big no-no.

*Drink it straight. Sugar, milk or cream really ruins the flavor of the coffee. If you must have these additions in your coffee, chances are you have never experienced really good coffee!

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Originally Posted by Miles Bader View Post
It's sad that this group is mostly spam for dodgy products...

If there's any real people still reading, do you have any good
coffee-making tips?

Here's mine: Let the water sit for a while after it boils, so it can
cool down a bit, before adding to the coffee. It tastes, much, much
better than coffee made with water near boiling.

I just turn off the kettle and grind the coffee at that point; the delay
from grinding and futzing around seems to be enough to make a huge
difference in taste (I have a manual grinder, so it's a bit slow).

[I get the impression that it's pretty well-known that the correct
temperature for making coffee is around 90 C, but... I didn't know it
for a long time!]

Here's a question: Do typical coffee-makers somehow cool the water
before it hits the coffee?


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