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Default descaling coffee machine

caroline wrote:
"Steve Freides" wrote
caroline wrote:
Hi all

Hope you can help me. I've got a DeLonghi Combination
Coffee/Espresso machine, I've had it since August 09, and I'd say
its probably been in constant use since then, we *love* our coffee
in this house! We mainly use the filter coffee bit, and rarely use
the cappuccino/espresso
Have noticed recently that its getting increasingly slow in
filtering the coffee and filling the jug, so I'm assuming it needs
descaling, but I can't find the instructions...and don't have
broadband so downloading another set is out of the question.

For my kettle and the water filter jug I just use a liquid product
called Furex, and that works brilliantly...but I don't know if that
suitable for a drip coffee maker, or even how I'd add it to the
system....just throw it in the cold water tank with some cold water
or what?
So, folks how do you descale your drip coffee machines, and what
products do you use?

This is a question for your machine's manufacturer, not a newsgroup,
unless someone else happens to have the exact brand and model you

Which I would imagine is reasonably likely, its hardly a rare make of

We descale our coffee machines by following the manual of instructions
that came with them.

If you love your coffee, consider using better water, e.g., having a
filtration system installed in your home. We have an r/o (reverse
osmosis) and it's great. It also eliminates the need for descaling.

Yeah I'm sure our landlord would be delighted if we did that!

OK. There are filtration systems such as Britta that can help you.