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Default Two BdB on NYE

Mark Lipton wrote in

I couldn't agree with you more. I've been trying to establish my own
preferences with difficulty, let alone those of others. FWIW, I've
found myself growing increasingly sensitive to the toasty aromas of
Champagne. Perhaps it's the side-effect of drinking more sparkling
Vouvray these days -- I dunno. Whatever the reason, I find quite a
few Champagnes so overtly toasty that I can't enjoy them. A recent
example was a Gimmonet. Lately, Roederer, Taittinger and now this
Diebolt-Vallois come closest to what I look for in NV Champagne.

Interesting. I do not think Gimonnet (if Pierre Gimonnet) is too toasty.
For me, their wines are marked by the lively acidity that comes from Cuis,
and that in my opinion gives them tension and nerve.

I have had a toasty Gimonnet, but it was 20 years old (and one of the best
wines of my life, but that's another story).

Do you remember which bottlig of Gimonnet you were tasting? Was it the
basic Premier Cru "Cuis" NV?