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Default Ping: Larry - wine store search


Timeless Wines is an online retailer, you can contact us via our
website or 800-417-7821. Most of our customers
enjoy our special offerings section. Here you can find highly scored
wines at discounted prices with free shipping to your home.

Next time you need us just call or visit the site.



On Dec 31 2009, 2:23*pm, "Dee Dovey" wrote:
Not much luck on Timeless Wines information.

My journey:

Went to Kysela Wine warehouse and wandered through the huge rooms and found
a guy at the computer who told me that there were no more 2002 Bodega
Bressia Profundoís as Kysela is now working on 2005. *He said it is possible
to find a bottle on someoneís shelf somewhere.

Went to Timeless Wines and found only an address, door locked, could see
some names on 4-6 placques (attorneys, etc) *Ė no Timeless name Ė and saw
some mailboxes that I could not read names.

Went to Salute Wine Ė the owner/wife of owner/manager *woman didnít know
much about Timeless. My impression was that Timeless is more-or-less a
mystery. * I asked the woman about Downey, and she said the son comes to
their store often. * I donít recall if she showed us Downey wines or not, we
were so busy talking.

Went to a Murphy Beverage Company that sells beer and wine in the same
Loudoun Mall. The impression I got is that Timeless is only an on-line

While I was in Murphy Beverage, the Kysela distributor person came in and I
noticed him, but she only said it was him after I mentioned the name Kysela.
I donít know what he might have said about Timeless.

Iíve previously been to DíVine Wines as I stated before, but/so *it was not
on my tour today. *;-))

And, after going to these various places, I am more happy than ever to have
a decent and reasonably priced wine store about 10 miles south from where I
live Ė Woodstock, VA.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year and 2010.

Dee Dee