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Default The Starbucks lifestyle

On Dec 30, 9:28*am, DC ]
(McClatchy Newspapers)

"EVERYTHING BUT THE COFFEE - Learning about America from Starbucks" by
Bryant Simon (

Temple University professor Bryant Simon believes he knows the
Starbucks secret. And it's not the caramel macchiato or the 86,999
other drinks the international coffee purveyors sell us. It's the
lifestyle we buy with that $3 cup of joe. Simon, 48, wanted to show
how Americans communicate with their purchases.

So, for his book "Everything But the Coffee: Learning about America
from Starbucks," he visited 435 Starbucks in the U.S. and 10 other
countries, analyzing everything from the flooring to the signage and
everyone from the customers to CEO Howard Schultz.

In the book, the UNC-Chapel Hill graduate explains how Starbucks
became a Wall Street favorite by making its customers feel
environmentally aware, upwardly mobile, connected and cool by
welcoming us, by name, into their clean, urban-chic stores, pumping
hip music, and selling us (some) fair-trade coffee in cups made of 60
percent recycled materials.

We got all that in one cup of coffee? At least the illusion of it, Simon says...


It's been a decade since I went to a stockholders meeting, but
somewhere in the dim recesses of my mind is this tidbit: The cups used
are mostly recycled paper; but it's new recycled paper, so you're not
saving anything from ending up in landfills.

Tex - still a happy Starbuck's stockholder even if I don't buy their