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Default Checkin' in... Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

On Dec 27, 9:53*am, Dana wrote:
It's been a while, and I'm getting ready to put a turkey in the oven
for a family Christmas party today, already took the butts out of the
smoker much earlier this morning. *Planked salmon and a little beef
going on the grill later on, thankfully the rain has stopped.

So I figured I'd take a minute and wish the a.f.b crew a very Merry
Christmas and Happy New Year. *Here's looking forward to 2010.

Nice to start another thread of good wishes. The other attempt was

I am enjoying wiping away the fog of Christmas, family, and overall
holiday confusion. I enjoy it when it is here, and I enjoy it when it
is gone.

We are having beautiful weather here with 58F, and not a cloud in the
sky. I have a couple of racks of spares on the pit (WSM coasting at
260F), and will follow up this evening with cucumber salad and roasted
sweet potatoes as sides. I like this part of the holidays!