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Default Coffee Maker

Winston wrote:
> Hi there from a first time noob.
> From reading reviews of various coffee makers, it appears that no one
> makes a unit that works flawlessly and all are designed to last little
> more than 3 years before failure.
> I am really tired of replacing coffee makers, so tell me the make and
> model of coffee maker that has thrilled you with ease of use, perfect
> coffee and astounding durability. Is a filter funnel and a thermal
> carafe the only real answer?
> Please don't bother suggesting Cuisinart, because I am still upset
> with them!
> Thanks!
> --Winston

Cuisinart has been good for us. We bought a Grind 'N' Brew (sp?) a few
years back. Things did break - first we needed a new lid for the
thermal carafe, which they sent at no charge. Then the grinder started
making really weird noises, and at that point, which was about 3 years
in, they told us we had a 5 year warranty and they had decided to send
us a brand new machine, again at no charge to us. We're still using
that one.

We use ours less now because we make a lot of espresso, but we'd gladly
buy a Cuisinart again. My wife and I both think it makes great coffee,
it needed no paper filters with the gold filter, and having fresh ground
coffee every morning was and is a real treat.