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Default Cuisinart 2000 vs Mr. Coffee

Cuisinart DCC-2000

Price 100.00


Worked well until warranty expired (3 years)

Easy to use. Fill and forget until coffee is ready.

Politely beeps when brew complete

Included gold filter is sufficient; no paper filters needed

Coffee flavor is acceptable


Re-initialized variable causes 'auto shutoff' to fail after 3 years, relies
on safety system to shut off; requires reboot daily

Water leaks on to counter

'Carafe - less' design slow; dangerous for filling thermos bottle

Activated charcoal filter is extremely expensive at US ~5.00 each

Mr Coffee CJX21CP

Price 30.00



Carafe fills cup or thermos quickly and safely

Politely beeps when brew complete

Easy to maintain. Inexpensive paper filters make cleanup a breeze

Coffee flavor is acceptable


Design underdeveloped; will cause lots of hot coffee to leak on to
counter if carafe is not inserted at brew time. Illegible clock
should be replaced by a single (blinking amber) 'No Carafe' LED

Probably has a 'cycle counter' that causes post warranty failure
like the Cuisinart

Basket valve can prevent carafe from fully seating on heater plate

Reservoir gauge difficult to see, for right-handed people

Activated charcoal filter is expensive at US ~2.00 each



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