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Default [TN] '07 Baudry Estate Chinon

Tonight, we had over our neighbor frinds Ruben and Janna and their two
kids for a night of small plates, wines and camaraderie. Our friends
Chris and Alan joined in later. In the end, I opened three wines: the
Gysler Riesling and Allram GV about which I've already written, and one

2007 Bernard Baudry Chinon "Domaine"
nose: initially, leafy and slightly gamey, becoming more cherryish with
some sappiness and a bit of minerality

palate: medium body, good structure, initially quite tart but opening
with time to become rounder, yet retaining a lean structure. Very
fruity with chalky tannins and a bit of meatiness in the finish.

Dale has written about this wine in the not too distant past. It's
Baudry's mid-level Chinon, more serious than Le Granges, but not as
serious as Les Grezeaux, let alone La Croix Boissée or Clos Guillot.
Even though not an exalted cuvée, it is still an excellent example of
Cab Franc from the Loire. This wine would ideally be suited for red
meat, I think, but did admirably well with the eclectic mix of foods on
display tonight. I'm sure that it will continue to get better for
another few years and can probably last for another decade at least for
those so minded.

Mark Lipton
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