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Default Hot Buttered Rum

On Tue, 15 Dec 2009 15:44:12 -0700, "Janet Bostwick"

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Do you have your Dad's Tom & Jerry recipe? I don't think I've ever
seen one.

Yeah, I've got his recipe around somewhere. I must have put it in a really
safe place because I don't remember seeing it in a couple of years. New
Year's Eve was a big deal with my folks and their friends. That was the
evening my folks stayed home and others stopped for a chat, some cookies or
snacks and a Tom and Jerry then they'd go on to someone else's house. It
wasn't a boozy evening, more of an open house and the whole thing done after
church. I miss the winter holidays.

When my mom's parents were older, they moved out here and everyone
(except me) moved down to San Diego county. I remember being down
there for the holidays, but I don't remember if it was Christmas Day
or New Year's Day when they had their open house. There was a big pot
of glögg on the back of the stove and people dropped by to chat all
day long. It's a nice tradition that I haven't continued. Maybe I
will in 10 years or so.

I'll look for the recipe. If I find it, I'll post it. It wasn't complicated.

Thanks I appreciate it.

I love cooking with wine.
Sometimes I even put it in the food.