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Default TN: Betsy's birthday dinner w/3 1959s and other wines

On Dec 9, 11:59�am, Mark Lipton wrote:
Your experience
with the '59s is awe-inspiring, both for the excellence of your choices
and the good condition of the bottles.

Well, my "choices" were based mostly on the relatively few 1959s that
I could afford. I got lucky, out of 6 only one (Lanessan) was tired,
but I think that was more wine than storage- and it was the cheapest
and still provided some pleasure. Ferrari Jonica, Caillou, Ygay were
from trusted retailers, other three from online auctions (Moulin
Touchais from France, Talbot and Lanessan from winebid. So I got

2004 Pinon Vouvray Brut (magnum)

This was a vintage-labeled version? �I just recently got the latest
release of the NV Pinon Brut from CSW, but haven't cracked one yet. �I
picked up the latest Foreau Brut to compare it with, too ;-)

Yes, 2004 vntage. I like the NV Pinon too, usually a great value.