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Default TN: Betsy's birthday dinner w/3 1959s and other wines

On Dec 9, 10:25*am, DaleW wrote:

1959 Moulin Touchais
I think of ankimo as the foie gras of seafood, so had asked for it to
be included. The ankimo and sweet Loire were a good match. As to the
wine, a real winner. Wooly nose (as often is the case with chenin, for
a second I thought this was corked when opened, but actually no trace
of TCA), fresh and vibrant, no hint this was 50 years old. Moderate
sweetness, zippy acids, ripe pit fruits with citrus zest. Finish goes
on and on. Complex, lively, and lovely. A

I am glad you found your bottle of 1959 Moulin Touchais in outstanding
condition. I have the 1959, 1949, and 1976, and all have been in good
condition and holding well. I have heard reports of even much older
examples that still were in good condition. I hope this wine is still
being made as in the past so that it will still be of top quality and
last well.