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Default coffee tips?

It's sad that this group is mostly spam for dodgy products...

If there's any real people still reading, do you have any good
coffee-making tips?

Here's mine: Let the water sit for a while after it boils, so it can
cool down a bit, before adding to the coffee. It tastes, much, much
better than coffee made with water near boiling.

I just turn off the kettle and grind the coffee at that point; the delay
from grinding and futzing around seems to be enough to make a huge
difference in taste (I have a manual grinder, so it's a bit slow).

[I get the impression that it's pretty well-known that the correct
temperature for making coffee is around 90 C, but... I didn't know it
for a long time!]

Here's a question: Do typical coffee-makers somehow cool the water
before it hits the coffee?


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