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Default [TN] Gysler Kabinett

One of the benefits of chatting about wines on the Internet is that one
gets a sense of whose tastes run close to their own, which in turn helps
one parse tasting notes found on the Internet. A case in point arose
when I received an email offer for an unfamiliar Riesling for a very
attractive price. When I looked at the notes on this wine on
Cellartracker, I found positive notes from David Bueker (Rieslingfan)
and Salil as well as Lyle Fass, I was fairly confident that I'd like the
wine. Last night, I put that confidence to the test by opening a bottle
with some take-out Thai food:

2006 Weingut Gysler Riesling Kabinett Weinheimer
nose: petrol, white peach and lime
palate: off-dry, balanced acidity, sprightly fruity

More substantial than a classic Kabinett, this wine was still light on
its feet and refreshing at 8% ABV. Lovely with the mango salad and Tom
Yum goong and a great QPR at the $8 per bottle I got it for.

Mark Lipton
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