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Default Medicare Part B Reimbursement

"Kent" wrote in message
Sandra, if our Medicare Part B Reimbursement for 2010 is $96.50, $.10 over
your figure of $96.40, do we need to provide that information to you in
any fashion? I just spent a very negative hour on the phone to answer the
above question about Medicare part B premiums. We haven't received
anything from the SSA yet regarding Medicare Part B. We've only received a
statement that both of our social security payments will be unchanged from

Again, please let me know if we need to provide anything. I'd tell anyone
that calls to avoid the SSA 800 772.1213 number at all costs. You should
take a relaxant of some kind before dialing.

Thank you for your help Tell Sheila hello.

Kent Hagen, M.D.
925 -254-6444 if necessary anytime.

Huh? Oh, Hey Sheila, Kent says HELL-O