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Default Tea from Non Traditional Tea Producing Countries

On Nov 30, 6:13*pm, (Scott Dorsey) wrote:
bcpdsfinest wrote:
I am a new member to this group and am looking forward to lots of
conversations regarding tea. For now, I was wondering if anyone knew
places that one could purchase tea from Indonesia, Vietnam, or
Bolivia. I found a Bolivian Black at a small tea shop in Cumberland
Maryland which was wonderful. Art of Tea has Purple Oolong from
Indonesia, but I understand that Vietnam has come a long way in it's
tea production and there was one other. Just have a large tea
collection from Sri Lanka(Ceylon), India, China and wanted to
diversify a little

There are a couple Vietnamese teas available from Upton's, which are
pleasant but undistinguished, and I have seen some random Vietnamese
teas (mostly scented but some unscented) at the Vietnamese markets
in Northern VA.

Don't know about anything from Indonesia, but the Boh teas website will
allow you to order online, and I cannot say enough good things about their
Palas Afternoon tea. *Even their cheap bulk tea is pretty good.

Don't know about Bolivia at all. *There is a huge amount of tea being grown
in Argentina, but most of it is pretty dreadful.

And of course there is Georgia.... do a search on this newsgroup for the url
for Caucasus Arts. *I really like their teas although I wound up having to
send five-pound notes in the mail to their fellow in the UK because they had
no US distribution.

"C'est un Nagra. *C'est suisse, et tres, tres precis."

Hi Scott

Nothing But Tea are the sole importers of artisanal
teas from the Repulic of Georgia. We carry a larger range then any
other provider and we accept credit card payments.

Happy tea drinking