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Default OT For any jarheads

On 24 Nov 2009 03:50:06 GMT, Nick Cramer

"Dave T." wrote:
Nick Cramer wrote:

Thanks for that Nick. Puffs me up like a banty. Semper Fi.

I commented to Om that those M1's, as equipped, weigh 11.2 pounds. They
were tossing them around like feathers!

You mean, that, that, they aren't plastic replicas? I've seen this
drill many times and it always impresses me. Too bad they can't do
that show in CA. Prohibited by Barbara Lee, Pelose, Boxer and
Fainstain because it's too *militaristic* After all they are wearing
uniforms and gasp using rifles! Aren't they the same people that
want to outlaw Fleet Week in San Francisco? They've even tried to
stop the Blue Angels from their demonstrations because after all,
airplanes drop bombs on innocent people.
Well, at least they've done something good. They've designated San
Francisco and Berkeley as a no nuclear bomb area. It means that an
enemy cannot nuke SF and Berkeley. It would be against the law!