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Default Tea from Non Traditional Tea Producing Countries

Buy any Indonesian tea that contains the word Java. Youll have to
find a tea shoppe that carries a selection. In the Asian stores look
for the Vietnamese tea packaging Thai Nguyen Tra. This is the
unscented green tea from Thai Nguyen province. The Asian brand
YamoMotoYama tea plantations are in of all places Brazil. Kenya is
another large exporter of teas.


On Nov 25, 7:32 am, bcpdsfinest wrote:
I am a new member to this group and am looking forward to lots of
conversations regarding tea. For now, I was wondering if anyone knew
places that one could purchase tea from Indonesia, Vietnam, or
Bolivia. I found a Bolivian Black at a small tea shop in Cumberland
Maryland which was wonderful. Art of Tea has Purple Oolong from
Indonesia, but I understand that Vietnam has come a long way in it's
tea production and there was one other. Just have a large tea
collection from Sri Lanka(Ceylon), India, China and wanted to
diversify a little