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Default [TN] '08 Vissoux VV

Last night, I came home after a late night of proposal writing to find
that Jean had left an opened bottle for me to try. Not one to pass up
such appealing offers, I poured myself a glass of:

2008 Dom. de Vissoux (Chermette) Beaujolais "Cuvée Traditionelle"
nose: bright cranberry and grapefruit
palate: soft, open, tart fruit

Because I had got to this wine several hours after opening, I suspect
that it had been a good deal tighter when first opened. This suspicion
was later confirmed by Jean. Very tasty and friendly, this one seems
like a good candidate for near-term drinking, though I wouldn't be
surprised if it could age for 3-5 years, too.

Mark Lipton
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