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Default Bought a boston butt - don't think it was done.

On Nov 20, 7:29*pm, B-Worthey wrote:
I bought a boston butt from a local school as a fund raiser - outside
looked good and all. *I started slicing it and all (wasn't tender
enough to pull). *I cut down into it and there was this jelly like
substance in the middle of it - could it be coagulated blood? *I'm
just not sure that it was completely done. *I've smoked butts before
and I know what mine look like when they are done, but this one didn't
look like what I"m used to. *The meat still had a bit of a pink tint
too it as well, not all of it, but most. *What do you guys think?
It's already been in my fridge as I had to just drop it off and go, so
I can't pop it in the oven to finish it. *Should I just throw it out?



Before I'd throw it away I'd cut it in half and heat it on a grill, or
a griddle with the middle closest to the heat source.
How were you going to reheat it? Many times now pork is done while
still pink inside., and the gelatinous matter may be fat from the
roast. Let us know what you decide. I've been married & cooking for
44 years and haven't poisoned us yet.