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Default Tonight: Home made Pizza

On Sun, 15 Nov 2009 07:19:22 -0500, piedmont wrote:

Gene wrote:
Home made pizza tonight.

No, I did not make the dough. I do not have a mixer with a hook and I
also do not want to wait over night for the dough to proof. I have
found a good frozen dough. I will hand roll it, my son is going to
hand toss it. Should be interesting.

Stay tuned for the step by step. Same bat channel!


Do you have a bread maker machine with a dough and/or a pizza dough
cycle or programmable? I have a fantastic pizza dough recipe that takes
55 minutes in a machine then let it rise double twice. Takes 55 min
dough cycle, then about two 45 minutes rises.

Nope. The bread machine I had broke down. I do have to get another as
I LOVED the thing!


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