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Default Roast Cauliflower Recipe

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"W. Baker" wrote:

Peppermint Patootie wrote:
: In article ,
: "Jacquie" wrote:

: I just like Steamed Cauliflower with melted butter and a bit of salt and
: pepper. Guess I'm one of those people that don't need sauces My
: Husband
: on the other hand has to have BBQ or steak sauce on every thing

: I enjoy plain old steamed or boiled cauliflower, too. I also love a
: nice cauliflower au gratin or in a lovely cauliflower and potato dish I
: used to make out of one of Madhur Jafri's cookbooks.

: I think I'll try roasting some soon. I get a tote of organic vegetables
: delivered every week (kind of like a CSA, but not all local), and I'm
: starting to accumulate cauliflowers. ;-)

: PP

Quick adn easy adn no cooking. Eata raw diped in cockail sauc or russian
dressing or any other dip yu like adn that fits ou diet. I often keep a
bowl of florets, sitting in cold water in the frige and some dip fro quick
snacks that do little to the bgs.


That works only if you like raw cauliflower. I'm afraid I don't care
for it unless it's cooked. Too, um, I don't know... too peppery?