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Default Meat Grinder

On Nov 11, 8:57 am, Nan wrote:
I had posted a query re what kinds of meat grinders y'all own, and
asked how you liked them. Someone hijacked it changed it and deleted
my question. So I re post it here.
Please share your successes and failures with meat grinders. I am
definitely in the market for one. Thanks, Nanzi

Take a look on Ebay. There are some pretty good deals on meat
Granted, they are pretty well all made in China but what isn't these
days, and that includes the Waring Pro line.
I have the Northern Tool model that's available from Amazon at but I bought mine on Ebay about 3 years
It works great as a grinder. I have a separate sausage stuffer so I
don't use mine for making sausage and don't know how it would work for
that job.