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Default Potato Slicer

All I can say is, "Why didn't I get one of these a long time ago?"
My Weston Fry cutter arrived yesterday and I am very, very pleased
with it. My cheap, plastic, fry cutter is now on a back shelf in
the closet. With it, I could not slice most potatoes due to its
poor leverage and the feeling it'd fold and snap with any
significant pressure.

The Weston weighs in at 10# of cast aluminum and I think I could
park my car on the handle without any damage. The cast parts are
powder coated for smoothness and there's an abundance of SS where
there's direct food contact. It really IS something you'd find
screwed to the wall of a commercial kitchen. The best part was
that it cost $59, including shipping, where they sell for 50%
more, usually. It came with a 3/8" grid, but I've ordered the 1/2
and 1/4 grids, as well as rubber feet for it.

To experiment with it yesterday, I did both a Sweet Potato and a
large baker, since that's all I had on hand. Zip: smooth as
silk. Cleanup is a bit more difficult, since it's necessary to
remove 3 wing nuts to get the cutter out and 2 screws if you want
to remove the pusher's grid for the dishwasher. I can live with

Anyone up for some Sweet Potato fries tonight? griN


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