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Default Teavana the cosmetic counter for tea

Since you asked. I have two ASUS 900s. One with the Celeron and the
other with the Atom processor. Both running optimized Linux for the
WeeEee. Chinese characters right out of the box. ASUS is Taiwanese.
Somebody from China here told me how to drill down in Vista to turn on
Chinese character support. It will be interesting if the ACER 7
laptop comes configured that way. They also are Taiwanese. Every
netbook I saw just had Windows 7 Starter. The 7 Home Edition provides
neighborhood network support. I have a LaserJet 5p hooked up to NT
4. That is still one sweet printer from 1995. Vista wont let me get
to it because it wont support network 4.0 drivers. So I format
Laserjet printer output to a file on Vista. I then do a simple lp
from Linux with a neighborhood share on Vista to the printer which I
do also as a network share using Linux Samba which doesnt upchuck on
driver credentials whatever that is. I guess Ill have to go through
the same contortions on 7. My local English tea shoppe has its share
of scented teas. Im like a vulture when they unload Chinese or nice
bold Indian teas which are still too much tea for most that dont sell.


PS A 64bit OS on a 64bit processor was too sexy for me to pass up.
It was just as cheap as XP on a netbook from about a year ago.

On Nov 4, 3:01 pm, Peter Roozemaal >
> Space Cowboy wrote:
> > Yeah selling tea out of a basement is cheaper than renting mall
> > space. I dont mind paying for sales tax and store salaries besides
> > making MS richer. Everybody has a credit card and Internet access.
> > Wrong. I always look a guy in the eye when he takes my money. I was
> > doing that long before Larry David.

> I also support my local tea shop. The storepeople are knowledgable and
> can give you advice on what teas to select. It is a pity that they only
> have a few 100 varieties in stock, half of them low quality flavoured
> teas. There are some good ones in the remaining 100 and I usually have 8
> teas out of two dozen "regular picks" in my cupboard.
> I have tried online ordering, but the shipping costs were not worth it
> for the quality.
> > It also costs the same if you upgrade netbooks from the 7 starter
> > package to the corresponding home premium. You figure that would be
> > cheaper than upgrading from Vista.

> My favourite upgrade is to an Ubuntu Netbook Remix. And I was lucky to
> buy my EeePC 900 without MS tax. But we're drifting off-topic.