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Default Teavana the cosmetic counter for tea

Space Cowboy wrote:
> Yeah selling tea out of a basement is cheaper than renting mall
> space. I dont mind paying for sales tax and store salaries besides
> making MS richer. Everybody has a credit card and Internet access.
> Wrong. I always look a guy in the eye when he takes my money. I was
> doing that long before Larry David.

I also support my local tea shop. The storepeople are knowledgable and
can give you advice on what teas to select. It is a pity that they only
have a few 100 varieties in stock, half of them low quality flavoured
teas. There are some good ones in the remaining 100 and I usually have 8
teas out of two dozen "regular picks" in my cupboard.
I have tried online ordering, but the shipping costs were not worth it
for the quality.

> It also costs the same if you upgrade netbooks from the 7 starter
> package to the corresponding home premium. You figure that would be
> cheaper than upgrading from Vista.

My favourite upgrade is to an Ubuntu Netbook Remix. And I was lucky to
buy my EeePC 900 without MS tax. But we're drifting off-topic.