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Default Teavana the cosmetic counter for tea

I just got a 64bit processor with 64bit Windows Home Premium at my
local Best Buy. I go out of my way to support local businesses. I
dont even care if I could find it cheaper on the Internet from some
guy working out of his basement. Yeah selling tea out of a basement
is cheaper than renting mall space. I dont mind paying for sales tax
and store salaries besides making MS richer. Everybody has a credit
card and Internet access. Wrong. I always look a guy in the eye when
he takes my money. I was doing that long before Larry David.


PS I had the store employees scrambling to figure out if I could
update from XP to 7 using the upgrade package. They had some XP
netbooks dirt cheap. No you cant. It also costs the same if you
upgrade netbooks from the 7 starter package to the corresponding home
premium. You figure that would be cheaper than upgrading from Vista.

On Nov 4, 12:24 pm, "Dominic T." > wrote:
> On Nov 4, 11:25 am, Space Cowboy > wrote:

....Im no Grinch but I do buy teas in the discount bins...
> I might be biased since I'm an IT guy, but I could see how an online-
> only tea shop would far outweigh the costs and overhead of a brick and
> mortar store. It's a niche product, there are only a few cities that
> can sustain one fully. The product is light, ships well, samples are
> an easy thing to offer to still allow for the customer to see and
> taste the product... I think it makes perfect sense.
> Someone like the Ryu Mei shop catches my eye in that it is a Chinese
> entrepreneur who decided to take a chance and set up shop in Japan,
> and do his best to offer low prices and good service. I respect that.
> I also respect honesty. I will gladly pay double to support someone
> who deserves it over saving a buck and furthering a cause that is in
> direct opposition to my values and ideals. It doesn't matter if it is
> Wal-Mart, Teavana, or Empire Carpet.
> - Dominic