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Default Teavana the cosmetic counter for tea

On Nov 4, 11:25*am, Space Cowboy > wrote:
> I like beauty counter better than cosmetic counter to describe
> Teavana. *Dont kill the messenger. *Those cheap Chinese
> mug,infuser,lid you find in the Chinese stores are still cheap in
> their store. *I havent seen a better store with teaware selection and
> prices. *There is a new electric glass kettle with the heating knob in
> the base that everyone is selling for $50 including them. *I feel at
> home in any store that sells tea. *Im no Ebert.
> Jim
> PS *I dont buy ANY tea from a website. *I went through a silly period
> when I did. *Then it was limited to shipping puers from China. *Oh you
> mean the guy who does business on the web and is too cheap to open a
> store front. *Yeah right.

I might be biased since I'm an IT guy, but I could see how an online-
only tea shop would far outweigh the costs and overhead of a brick and
mortar store. It's a niche product, there are only a few cities that
can sustain one fully. The product is light, ships well, samples are
an easy thing to offer to still allow for the customer to see and
taste the product... I think it makes perfect sense.

Someone like the Ryu Mei shop catches my eye in that it is a Chinese
entrepreneur who decided to take a chance and set up shop in Japan,
and do his best to offer low prices and good service. I respect that.
I also respect honesty. I will gladly pay double to support someone
who deserves it over saving a buck and furthering a cause that is in
direct opposition to my values and ideals. It doesn't matter if it is
Wal-Mart, Teavana, or Empire Carpet.

- Dominic