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Default Teavana the cosmetic counter for tea

I like beauty counter better than cosmetic counter to describe
Teavana. Dont kill the messenger. Those cheap Chinese
mug,infuser,lid you find in the Chinese stores are still cheap in
their store. I havent seen a better store with teaware selection and
prices. There is a new electric glass kettle with the heating knob in
the base that everyone is selling for $50 including them. I feel at
home in any store that sells tea. Im no Ebert.


PS I dont buy ANY tea from a website. I went through a silly period
when I did. Then it was limited to shipping puers from China. Oh you
mean the guy who does business on the web and is too cheap to open a
store front. Yeah right.

On Nov 4, 8:08 am, "Dominic T." > wrote:
> On Nov 4, 8:46 am, Space Cowboy > wrote:
> > I finally figured out the business model for Teavana.

> We go around and around on this... but I vote with my dollars, and I
> vote no. I'd rather support the real good guys even if it costs a
> sheckle or two more. Plus, no way can they beat Kam Man, or Ryu-Mei,
> or even Border's where with a weekly coupon I can get your beloved (I
> like them too) Bodum Pavinas for about $6. I just got a chawan from
> Ryu Mei that is excellent and blows away any prices I've seen
> anywhere, and I'm supporting a small business owner who is doing
> things right. I also think you are cherry-picking the few really good
> deals because there are also shockingly overpriced items and tea as
> well at that beauty counter.
> - Dominic