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Default Brewing Tea - Water, Temperature, and Time

"British tea" - CTC tea from India and East Africa should never be
bitter however it is made - but it certainly should be astringent.
From UK Tea Council stats - only 30% of tea drinkers use sugar; 98%
use milk - I have never in my long life ever seen anyone in the UK use
cream - that's the Friesians across the North Sea.

Nigel at Teacraft

On Oct 16, 2:20*pm, Space Cowboy > wrote:
> I had the opposite experience recently. *Im over at a guys house where
> I would guess he is using 25g of tea where 5g would do. *I didnt say
> anything because he is active in a tea blog so I let it pass. *I saw
> him later and he said he got some scales because he was using too much
> tea. *I would have said the British use cream and sugar to tame the
> bitter taste the way you just made it.