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Default Sweet Potato Fries

On 3-Nov-2009, "Nunya Bidnits"

Brick said:

**I just did a batch of store bought frozen fries tonight. They had a
lot of ice crystals on them, so I gave them a short prefry to get rid
of the water before finallizing them at 375F. They were good as
usual. Just knowing about the little variables is a big help.

That raises a good point. If you don't use an entire package of
frozen fries then unless you vac bag them, the remainder will always take
a lot of extra ice crystals in the fridge. They never seem to fry as well
after that but I always attributed it to freezer burn. I think you hit on
the real reason they don't fry up so well.

I wish I could get my fryer to do a full 375F. (Waring Pro) The temp
maxes at 375 but testing it with a thermopen shows it really can't hold
temps higher than 360-365. However most of my cooking is at lower temps
so I
didn't bother to take it back and complain.

MartyB in KC

Pretend that you didn't read this. I took my Krupps deep fryer apart
and readjusted the themostat. It has a little bitty adjustment screw
that was sealed with a dab of plastic. I fiddled with it until I get it to
holding pretty well about 375F. I mostly only run it that high for
but they really like that higher heat. I used a big Taylor bulb type
thermometer as my reference. It works pretty good now.

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